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Preliminary Analytics | 09.17.09

graduation.jpgClearing skies over U.S. economy open rift at Fed – Let’s just leave everything alone, it’ll be fine. [Reuters]
Twitter funding would value it at $1 billion: report – It’s not going anywhere, follow us. [Reuters]
U.S. unemployment not to peak until 2011: Krugman – “He said the global economy seems to be stabilizing at a level that is ‘unacceptably poor’ and added it is possible that the recession will be a double-dip one.” [Reuters]
He Built America’s First Megamall – Now that he’s gone, we can’t really place blame here for rampant consumerism, can we? [WSJ]
SEC Announces New Division of Risk, Strategy, and Financial Innovation – The latest duct tape measure from the SEC. []
Rolls-Royce Unveils Its Economy Car – Less than $250k. If you had only gotten that bonus… [WSJ]