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Preliminary Analytics | 09.29.09

Thumbnail image for allen_stanford_1110321c.jpgStanford moved to federal lockup in Houston – To help with this complicated case, say his attorneys. Lotta ins, lotta outs. [Reuters]
Starbucks debuts Via instant coffee in U.S., Canada – So much for coffee purists. [Reuters]
Rhetorical Tax Evasion – In case you were considering opting out of health care coverage under the new, not even close to being made law, plan. It could cost you 25 large. [WSJ]
FDIC to propose banks prepay 3 years of fees: source – That should cover them. [Reuters]
Too Small to Bail Has a Nice Ring to It – Sure. [Breaking Views via NYT]
Restaurants Dangle Cheaper Drinks but Risk Watering Down Their Profits – The catch is, you’re hanging out at…Chili’s. [WSJ]