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Review Comments | 09.16.09

Shakeshack_hamburgers.jpgWhy Are We Working Late? – Leave your terrible excuses in the comments. Shake Shack or In ‘n’ Out better be involved. [The Onion]
New Revenue-Recognition Rules: the Apple of Apple’s Eye? – Revenue recognition for iPhones. If you want the geek Steve Jobs fanboy version, that tries miserably to make fun of accounting, go here. [CFO]
Where can you curse at your boss and not get fired? In another country: Spain – If you’ve tried and failed Stateside, leave the transcript in the comments. [NYDN]
ACL Services Releases AuditExchange 2.0 – Don’t say we never tell you about anything useful. [it.tmcnet]
Cuomo subpoenas 5 Bank of America directors – Someone make this thing stop. If we force Ken Lewis and John Thain to go toe to toe in a KY wrestling match, will everyone let it go? [Reuters]
Citi to pay back U.S. when recovery more evident – But we could. We just don’t want to. Timing is everything, you know. [Reuters]