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PayPal Wants to Snap Up Carmine Di Sibio When He Leaves EY This Summer

PayPal logo and sign at company headquarters

Carmine Di Sibio is on his way out of EY but that doesn’t mean he’s retiring to a cabin in the woods. PayPal announced yesterday its Board of Directors intends to appoint him to the Board as an independent director, effective July 1, 2024.

“We are very pleased about the planned addition of Carmine to our Board given his demonstrated record of championing innovation, extensive experience advising regulated financial companies, and keen understanding of what it takes for global companies to succeed,” said Alex Chriss, President and CEO, PayPal. “If appointed, Carmine will be helpful in sharing his expertise in driving transformation and profitable growth in markets around the world to help us revolutionize commerce globally.”

Look, we implore you, just one time can you use actual language human beings use when communicating with one another outside of a press release when you’re writing these things? Please.

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