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EY Probably Won’t Be Inviting Ex-Astros Executive Brandon Taubman to Any Alumni Events Anytime Soon

Before Brandon Taubman was rightfully fired as assistant general manager of the Houston Astros on Oct. 24 for making an ass of himself in front of a group of female reporters in the Astros clubhouse following the team’s ALCS victory over the New York Yankees, he was profiled in April by EY, his former employer, in the Alumni section of the firm’s website.

According to the site, Taubman, who worked at EY early in his career as a derivative valuation expert, said about his experience with the firm:

“It’s a badge of honor. And it’s something that, quite frankly, I can advertise as proof of my having learned from the best and brightest and had diverse experiences with some of the premier financial services clients in the world. It’s almost like having gone to a great school, or having anything that is recognizable as prestigious by various people outside of the company or the industry.”

He also mentions that EY is where he met his future wife, Leah, who still works for the firm and that “EY has helped me professionally and personally in many different ways,” according to the New York Post.

Now, I would’ve just cited what Taubman said directly from that interview on EY’s website instead of excerpting what and the Post reported. But it’s not there anymore. Gone. Vanished.

What happened, EY? According to the Post:

As of Friday, the interview had been scrubbed from EY’s Web site — a day after the Astros fired Taubman for reportedly declaring how happy he was to have hired relief pitcher Roberto Osuna, who had been suspended for domestic violence allegations.

A spokesman for EY didn’t answer questions about why the firm removed the four-page Taubman interview, saying he was still “trying to learn more details.”

Trying to learn more details? Huh? All of the other alumni profiles are still on the webpage. There’s one with DuPont Vice President and Controller Mike Goss, T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter, and Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent, among others. But the one with Baseball Golden Boy Brandon Taubman has disappeared.

Sorry, Brandon, but the firm you said you were honored to work for is pretending like you never existed.