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Accounting News Roundup: Deloitte Partner’s Juggling Act; Why DO You Want to Work Here?; Tax Spies | 03.09.15

Telephone scammer threatens Butler County lawmaker, wife with arrest [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
A caller to Rep. Brian L. Ellis’ home threatened to arrest the legislator and his wife, Monica, if they didn’t pay at first $2,900 and later during the conversation $3,900 to settle a debt to the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS scammer initially told Ms. Ellis that the couple owed $2,900 after a review of their taxes from 2010 to 2014. The scammer said the IRS had tried to notify the couple twice and that there was a warrant out for them. “It was just a horrible experience,” Mr. Ellis said.

St. Louis-area ranks third for tax refund fraud [KMOV]
Keep on aiming for #1, St Louis!

Because of course she is [Twitter]

How one senior Deloitte partner juggles two jobs and two children [efinancialcareers]
This sounds super flexible: "I have some golden rules like never arranging meetings before 8.30am if it can possibly be helped, but I usually check my emails before the children wake up to make sure there’s nothing too urgent. I make sure I have breakfast with the children when I can and help get them ready for school. I always work from home for an hour or more in the morning, which is a relatively peaceful time when I can get stuff done. I can then be in the office any time between 9am-10.30am and work through the day; when I don’t have an evening work event (I try to only do a maximum of 2 a week) I get back home in time to put the children to bed. Then I usually work for a couple of hours most evenings."

That question can be particularly hard if you're interviewing at McGladrey [Twitter]

In Greece, Desperate Times and Offbeat Measures [New York Times]
Despite the European accord last month to extend a financial lifeline to Greece, Athens is rapidly running out of cash. So it is scrambling to find new, even radical ways to fill the shortfall — including a proposal to recruit citizens and tourists to spy on suspected tax evaders.

US tourists caught carving names into Rome’s Colosseum [Guardian]