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Passing the CPA Exam While Billing Over 2500 Hours in a Year Is Way Harder Than Having a Baby

This may just be one of the greatest rants to come from /r/offmychest/ ever.

Here's the deal. This chick is pregnant. And she's sick of everyone telling her what a miracle it is. You know what's a miracle? PASSING THE CPA EXAM, BITCH:

-A stranger today told me that having a baby will be my greatest accomplishment. Nope. Sorry bitch. I passed the CPA exam while working in public accounting and billing over 2500 hours in a year. I do not consider something that approximately half of the world does to be a great accomplishment. If I don't fuck my kid up, then maybe I'll consider this as a big accomplishment.

She's got a point, making a baby is pretty easy. Incubating it for 9 months kind of sucks sometimes but it certainly isn't the most difficult thing you'll do in your life (squeezing it out is another matter we will leave for another website to discuss). It would certainly be interesting to see if her opinion changes after giving birth, being pregnant is the easy part. But please don't take that as me pushing my personal opinion on you, pregnant chick, sounds like you have enough of that.

We applaud you, pissed off pregnant lady. Congratulations on the new addition, you sound like a kick ass mother already.