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This CPA Exam Candidate Apparently Does Not Want To Be a Millionaire

24-year-old Virginia Tech MBA student Matthew Dolan got slightly more distracted than most CPA exam candidates while studying last summer. While watching "Who Wants to be a Millionaire," he saw the show was holding auditions and went for it. After a few interviews and some multiple choice exams, he was picked to appear on the show in October.

He hasn't been able to spill the beans since October but now that his episode has aired, it looks like he's going to have to aim for partner if he still wants to be a millionaire.

He made it all the way to the tenth question:

Which of the following suffragettes was the only one alive when the 19th amendment granted women the right to vote in 1920?

A: Harriet Tubman
B: Elizabeth Cady Stanton
C: Susan B. Anthony
D: Jane Addams

He guessed C (which is what you're supposed to do if you don't know the answer, amiright?) but the answer was D. Would he have walked when he had the chance, he would have been $28,500 richer. Unfortunately, because he flubbed the question, he won a measly $1000.

If he hasn't already passed the CPA exam, that $1000 should be good for a few exams. Assuming he gets the multiple choice mostly right the first time.

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