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Passed all exams but quitting before 1 year


I've passed all of my CPA exams (FAR, AUD, BEC & REG – haven't taken Ethics) in the State of New York, but I am quitting my Big Four firm after just 5 months. Long story short, I have been miserable at the job and I am pursuing other financial positions that will better fit my needs.

It would be a shame to have gone through the CPA exams successfully without any benefit, and was wondering how I should play it from here. I've heard of non-reporting licenses (for example, Massachusetts) but that appears to still require either 1 year or a graduate degree (I only have a bachelors). I've also heard of a CPA certificate from Illinois because it's a two-tier state, but that seems to require the Ethics exam, and I really don't need to take more exams at this point if I don't have to.

So, do you have any advice on how to go forward? Can these 4 passing scores alone give me some form of CPA license/certficate that will validate the fact that I've successfully passed the tests and can use the 3 letters on my resume?

Thanks for your help!