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Feeling Lost

I’m into my 7th year as an accountant. Worked in public for 2.5 years between two firms and was unable to pass the exam at that time (2011-2013). Got my first industry job and was burned out from studying.

Play forward to 2016 and I began studying again, using Ninja. Passed BEC on the first try in April 2016. Continued to try to take REG/FAR/AUD with complete failures on each (meaning 50s-60s).

I just took REG on Saturday, December 9th, as my final attempt and failed. I determined I guessed on 90% of the questions after doing close to 150 hours of studying. I’ve ran through the Ninja MCQs about 5 times over the course of 6 REG attempts. I scored well on the Ninja SIMS only to get stomped on the exam. I’ve read all the chapters, taken notes, using Roger CPA cram videos, and used his flash cards. Slept with the Ninja notes prior to the exam, cramming more in days before the exam and leading up to the attempt.

I don’t think my study schedule is an issue:

2 hours for lunch studying M-F
1 Hour studying at night by reviewing MCQs or reading chapters
Reading flash cards every night before bed
Reading flash cards or notes while working out three times a week in my garage
Weekends are harder to fit in time because of trying to spend time with the family. I can usually get 1-4 hours in during nap times or afternoons.

At this point, I now will lose BEC. FAR is scheduled for January 21st and I haven’t even started studying after feeling crushed by REG. I feel like it is time to throw in the towel.

What am I doing wrong? Do I need a full review course? Videos are probably the worst thing for me because I’d much rather read the material and take notes.

The questions I came across on REG were way off based and left field. I can honestly tell you that what I was asked was nowhere addressed in the Ninja book, MCQs, or Roger book. How am I supposed to be tested on something that I have never seen?

I am tempted to give up and go for the CMA, since I passed BEC on the first try, and finance/budgeting/forecasting is what interests me more.