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One in Three Accountants Getting a Little on the Side

Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean work.

The scoop from CPA Trendlines:

If you’re reading this at home, or on your own time, you’re not alone. Today more than one-third of accountants are already moonlighting in “side” practices or home offices – especially during busy season, according to a CPA Trendlines survey of almost 800 accountants.

And almost half of them work in corporate finance, not where you might expect to find them: in public accounting. So accountants are not only taking more work home with them, they are launching side businesses while keeping their day jobs.

Uh, I wouldn't expect many CPAs in public accounting keeping a few clients on the side right about now.

According to the article, 58 percent of all CPAs surveyed are spending more than 11 hours a week on "side projects" at home, and of them, half are putting in over 35 hours a week.

All that extra work adds up. CPA Trendlines figures if, say, 350,000 CPAs put in just 11 hours a week at $25 an hour, that's over $1 billion billed and shoved right in their own pockets!

Anyone care to step into the GC confessional and admit to getting your own little bit on the side? We won't tell anyone.