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One Candidate Would Prefer If Prometric Worked On Its Communication

It's been awhile since we've heard a horrible Prometric story but with tomorrow being a holiday, we should have seen this coming.

Before I get into the actual story, it's worth pointing out that the Prometric closures themselves aren't necessarily the issue. I have never heard a candidate complain about being informed of a testing center closure a week before their exam, allowing them plenty of time to track down a new testing center ahead of their date.

I have, however, heard a lot of candidates complain about stories similar to the one below, receiving notice not even a full day before their exam, if at all. It's entirely possible that the Lynchburg location has been without power since Friday, which would make the last minute phone call that much more frustrating since Prometric had advance notice. Let this serve as a lesson to all CPA exam candidates: keep your ringer on the night before your exam just in case.

Hey GC,

I am officially a member of the Prometric Haters Club.  I was scheduled to take BEC in Lynchburg, VA this afternoon.  Last night I missed a call from Prometric at 8:17 pm informing me that all appointments for the following day would be cancelled at that testing center, and to call back immediately to reschedule.  I called back once receiving the message, only to be told by a machine that the call center hours are 8 am to 8 pm, and I would have to wait until they open to do anything.  Flash to this morning, wake up early to take one last practice exam, assuming I can move it to a different testing center slightly farther away.  8 am comes (actually when I called at 8 they said they were still closed, had to wait another 5 minutes to try again), and they say that they can't reschedule the same day, even though this was their fault.  Fortunately they were "kind" enough to let me reschedule for a future date (which she said could be tomorrow, until I reminded her that it's a holiday).  Due to my timing of other tests, this had to be in August.  Normally I like to be kissed before I get fucked, and I feel like that is exactly what happened to me here.  I'm sure they had known about any testing center issues earlier in the day, and this whole mess could have been mitigated if they just contacted me sooner.  Overall, big thumbs down for Prometric.

One of Many

Again, the problem here is not the closure, it's the fact that Prometric informed the candidate of the closure after their phone center was closed. Had this been done earlier in the day, the candidate would likely have had the opportunity to reschedule last night and still make their exam today. Whether or not the candidate should have been able to squeeze it in this week is beside the point, it's a holiday week and we don't all have wide-open schedules.

Anyone else in Virginia disappointed by Prometric today? Let me know.