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Here’s Your Open Thread for the First CPA Exam Score Release of 2014

I bet you read that headline and got REALLY excited that scores are out. I hate to burst your bubble (haha yeah right sure I do) but no, nothing yet except a lot of furious F5 pushing and anticipatory tweets.

Tomorrow, February 4th is your actual target date, meaning you likely will not see shit today so instead of staring at your constantly-refreshed screen, here are some things you can do instead:

  • organize your sock drawer
  • backup your hard drive
  • pluck every hair off every inch of your body
  • go to the animal shelter and snuggle kittens (or puppies, your choice)
  • clean the fridge
  • cover your coworker's cube in Post-its

I'm sure there are a million more things you could do to keep yourself busy until scores appear but I will leave that to you. Although, you know, alcohol might not be a bad idea, especially if you are prone to blackouts.