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acts of prometric

Congratulations Certain East Coast CPA Exam Procrastinators, You’re Off the Hook!

Emails should be going out to warn some of you on the East Coast not to head to Prometric to take exams you have scheduled for the next few days but we all know how stellar Prometric is when it comes to communication so here's your public service announcement. The following test centers are closed […]

One Candidate Would Prefer If Prometric Worked On Its Communication

It's been awhile since we've heard a horrible Prometric story but with tomorrow being a holiday, we should have seen this coming. Before I get into the actual story, it's worth pointing out that the Prometric closures themselves aren't necessarily the issue. I have never heard a candidate complain about being informed of a testing […]

How a Thunderstorm Fried a Prometric Location’s Computers and Ruined One CPA Candidate’s Day

Oh lookie here, we have ANOTHER sad Prometric story. This time, nature made it far more dramatic than it had to be; however, Prometric obviously did not have a plan in place to A) prevent such a catastrophe and B) clean it up after the fact. I am still soliciting Prometric horror stories (they don't […]