October 6, 2022

Generally Speaking, Men Performed Better Than Women on the CPA Exam in 2011

This little bit from the 2011 NASBA Candidate Performance book was so interesting that I couldn't help but include it among our stats posts this year – mostly because I was surprised by the data.

According to the book, men performed better than women on the CPA exam except among the 50 – 54 age group and the 60+ age group (yes, people over the age of 60 apparently take the CPA exam).

  • For the 20 – 24 year old age group (who the hell takes the CPA exam at 20?!), 30,178 women averaged a score of 72.2 while 27,934 men averaged 74.7.
  • Of 25 – 29 year olds (the largest age group of CPA exam candidates, naturally), 31,698 women averaged 68.8 (that's failing if you're playing along at home) while 34,018 men averaged 70.8.
  • Among 30 – 34 year olds, 15,245 women averaged 68.5 while 16,853 men averaged 70.0.
  • Of the 35 – 39 year olds, 7,739 women averaged 67.3 while 8,006 men averaged 69.4.
  • For the only areas where women did better, 1,368 50 – 54 year old women averaged 67.0 while 1,382 men averaged 65.7 and for the 60+ group, 122 women averaged 66.2 while 314 men averaged 64.9.

What does this mean? I have absolutely no idea. Theories are welcome in the comments.

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