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Next Move

Hi GC,

Long time lurker, first time poster.


I wanted to get advice as to how to best approach my next career move.  I started in the Big 4 and stayed for 3 years.  My main focus was insurance clients, but in my first year I was able to gain brief PE exposure and transactions due diligence work.


I left public 5 years ago for an investment accounting role at an insurance company.  I have been very successful in the role, earning a promotion around 3 years ago and taking on many of the responsibilities that my former boss was in charge of before he left.  Unfortunately, since my former boss has left, I have become very burned out on the culture of the company and also feel I have reached my ceiling here.


As my next move, I would like to continue to build my investment experience, but outside of the insurance industry.  Unfortunately, I have had very little success in finding interviews that would allow me to pursue this.  My desire to leave this company has me debating a return to the Big 4.  If I were to go this route I would request that I work primarily with investment related clients (PE, asset management, etc.)


I wanted to get input from the GC Community as to whether this move would make sense for me.  My job search has been generally working with recruiters, or browsing the career pages of various companies.  Again, this has not been successful.  Any advice around a return to the Big 4, or other ways to pursue opportunities in private would be greatly appreciated.