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Protip for CPA Candidates: Don’t Schedule an Exam the Day After Memorial Day

did you know you shouldn't sit for the exam after a holiday
Over the years, we (and by “we” I mean “Adrienne”) have dispensed a lot of advice related to the CPA exam. Everything from study materials to chemical assistance to 5-week intensive courses. We’ve even explained how to bomb the exam, if reverse-psychology is your thing.
But there’s plenty of advice that we take for granted, so perhaps a message from the ol’ tip box will kick start a discussion of some more practical tips for the CPA exam:
Real smart of me to schedule AUD for May 28th. Should’ve taken it the 24th to enjoy the long weekend. …And I’m on GC the day before…
Yeah, a holiday. Don’t schedule an exam the day after a holiday. I kinda thought that would go without saying, but it bears repeating: DON’T SCHEDULE AN EXAM ON THE DAY AFTER A MAJOR HOLIDAY.
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