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February 6, 2023

“The New IRS” Lets You Allocate Your Tax Dollars Your Way

This is pretty much BS. "The New IRS" isn't the "New and Improved Internal Revenue Service," it's a gimmicky website that lets you play with your tax dollars until they are allocated just the way you want. Imagine including this on your tax return: "Hey, guys, I want no money going to pay interest on the debt because you dipsticks have a borrowing problem but make sure at least half goes to poor people, thanks." Good luck with that.

It's also sort of BS because they lump everything in so that if you're one of those conservative curmudgeons who thinks poor people should forage for their own food but support tax credits for the "job creators," you're just going to have to allocate the whole lot under "income security."

The New IRS says they "believe it is important to stimulate not only the intellect, but the imagination, so that we may re-develop a taste for political possibility."

I'm pretty sure we've all wished at one time or another that our tax dollars could be used better, but most of us are also smart enough to know that handing a drunk a checkbook with an unlimited balance doesn't lead to good spending.

The New IRS seems to think if enough of us take a stand using cute little charts, maybe we'll have a say in the future:

Moreover, we hope that we will have served you a taste of possibility, and awakened you all the more to our potential to create the change we wish to see in this world.

May the ideas of The New IRS become part of the national debate this year and every other until we are satisfied that our vote is insured by the power of our earnings, and Personal Allocation is implemented.

To that I say: LOL

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