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Footnotes: Did You Hear Today is Tax Day? | 04.15.14

(Satire warning): PETA Blames Accounting Industry for Cruel Treatment of Baby Cows “Something needed to be done to unveil the truly horrific practices that go unnoticed to people who are bad with numbers and avoid the accounting world altogether”, says Paul Greensworth. Paul pioneered the accounting industry segment of PETA after witnessing a calf stewing in its own stench during a meeting with his tax accountant. [Zoku & Juice]

If you're on Reddit, go help this guy. The future mother of his children was arrested for a DUI over the weekend. Oh, and she has two more CPA exam sections to go [Reddit]

Let the IRS Be Your Accountant Most Americans have relatively straightforward finances, taking only standard deductions without itemizing. What's more, tax data from their employer, their bank and any other relevant financial institution has already been supplied to the Internal Revenue Service long before April 15. In essence, their tax filing merely confirms what the IRS already knows. So why not take the next logical step and let the IRS actually prepare people's tax forms? Instead of taxpayers paying for tax preparation services or doing the work themselves, the IRS could send millions of American taxpayers a pre-filled return. They could review the document and sign off. If they have objections or amendments to the IRS version, they could file their own. [Bloomberg View]

A CFO in Oakland, CA has been charged for (allegedly) stealing from his church [SFGate]

The Salz will speak at George Washington University School of Business graduation [The Hatchet]

What America's 15 Most Profitable Companies Pay In Taxes [Forbes]

New York Today: Tax Day Ritual Recedes Way back when, it was one of the city’s hottest nightspots. There were lines out the door and frenzy within. Amid the excitement, deals were made and hearts were broken. We speak, of course, of the mad scene at the city’s main post office on Eighth Avenue as the clock ticked toward midnight on Tax Day. “Even seven or eight years ago it was still a circus,” recalled Manhattan’s postmaster, Elvin Mercado. “We had the H&R Blocks set up on the steps helping customers, soda companies giving out free soda, massage companies giving out free massages for the stress.” Now with over 80 percent of taxpayers filing electronically, most of the magic is gone. [NYT City Room]

Here's another dumb article on Millennials [Deloitte University Press]

The US Airways social media grunt who "accidentally" tweeted porn has spoken out on the matter (on Facebook, natch) "Whenever someone says: 'I'm sorry, it's just who I am.' What they really mean is: 'I am a giant a**hole and have no plans of improving myself as a human.'" [Daily Mail]