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Promotion Watch ’21: Grant Thornton Admits 46 New Partners and Principals

Well, well, well … look what we have here — a big promotion day at Grant Thornton. The Purple Rose of Chicago this morning announced a larger-than-usual class of 87 new partners, principals, and managing directors.

The breakdown:

  • 41 new managing directors
  • 35 new partners
  • 11 new principals

While Grant Thornton notes in the press release that the 2021 class of PPMDs is GT’s largest ever, it’s not the largest class of just new partners and principals. In 2015, 50 new partners and principals were admitted by the firm.

Here’s a look at new partner/principal class sizes at Grant Thornton since 2010:

Let’s take a look at Grant Thornton’s class of 2021 new PPMDs by the numbers:

  • 28: The number of new PPMDs in tax, the most of any service line, followed by 26 in advisory, 25 in audit, and eight in internal client services.
  • 27: The number of new PPMDs who are women, or 31% of the class.
  • 8: The number of new PPMDs in Philadelphia, the most of any location, followed by seven in both Chicago and Atlanta, and six in both Los Angeles, Dallas, and Metro D.C.

Here are the newest PPMDs at Grant Thornton:

Name Title Service Line Location
Jose Antonio Alicea Principal Tax Denver
Brian Angstadt Managing Director Tax Atlanta
Omri Avdi Managing Director Internal Services Los Angeles
Sai Avula Principal Tax Atlanta
Tracey Baird Managing Director Tax Houston
Brittany Barbosa Partner Advisory Atlanta
Brad Barrett Partner Advisory Dallas
Kevin Benton Managing Director Tax Dallas
Jay Bethard Managing Director Tax Metro D.C.
Andree Bourgon Principal Advisory Philadelphia
Andy Brown Managing Director Audit Salt Lake City
Rachel Byerly Managing Director Advisory Cleveland
Veronica Caputo Partner Tax Atlanta
Matt Cassidy Managing Director Advisory Philadelphia
Alfredo Castillo Managing Director Tax Los Angeles
Kristen Chapman Partner Tax Milwaukee
Dan Cherwin Partner Audit Chicago
Staci Ciafrani Principal Advisory Pittsburgh
Tony Ciotti Managing Director Internal Services Pittsburgh
Scott Dalessio Managing Director Advisory Metro D.C.
Ash Dalnoot Partner Audit Boston
Nina Damiano Principal Advisory Metro D.C.
Kevin Dawson Managing Director Audit New York
Brian DiMaria Managing Director Tax Iselin, NJ
Sean Doherty Managing Director Tax Charlotte, NC
Brian Duffy Managing Director Internal Services Chicago
Michael Eder Principal Advisory Metro D.C.
Elizabeth Epstein Principal Internal Services Chicago
Jessica Estrada Partner Audit Phoenix
Christine Etue  Managing Director Advisory Metro D.C.
Niall Fagan Partner Audit Orange County, CA
Martin Ferrer Partner Advisory New York
Max Geier Managing Director Advisory Los Angeles
Keith Harari Managing Director Audit Miami
Amy Hastings Partner Audit Charlotte, NC
Christine Hilton Partner Audit Oklahoma City
Chanson Ho Partner Advisory Los Angeles
Rob Holt Partner Audit Fort Lauderdale, FL
Erik Horton Managing Director Advisory Chicago
Jonathan Jayasinghe Managing Director Advisory Orange County, CA
Khadyja Johnson Partner Advisory Denver
Brent Johnson Partner Advisory Minneapolis
Michael Joseph Managing Director Advisory Los Angeles
Brandon Joseph Partner Tax Chicago
Alex Koltsov Managing Director Advisory Phoenix
David Kraynick Partner Audit Fort Lauderdale, FL
Dan LaForge Partner Audit Iselin, NJ
Doug Lauckhardt Partner Audit Iselin, NJ
Meechal Litzenblatt Partner Audit New York
William Mann Partner Audit Atlanta
Derrick McGrow Partner Audit Philadelphia
Luke McNair Managing Director Audit Jacksonville, FL
Sarah Merrill Managing Director Audit Denver
Allison Moran Managing Director Internal Services Downers Grove, IL
Meredith Murphy* Principal Advisory Minneapolis
Eric Myszka Principal Tax Orange County, CA
John Neely Managing Director Tax Atlanta
Yasuhiro Nishikawa Managing Director Internal Services Los Angeles
Joshua Nixon Partner Audit Tampa, FL
John O’Brien Managing Director Advisory Miami
Brian Papsun Managing Director Tax Philadelphia
Jennifer Parker Partner Audit Dallas
David Pearce Managing Director Tax Seattle
Cory Perry Partner Tax Metro D.C.
Barrett Popst Partner Advisory Dallas
Mike Powers Partner Tax Charlotte, NC
Stacie Richardson Managing Director Tax Charlotte, NC
Heidi Ryan Patton* Partner Tax Philadelphia
Craig Sanford Managing Director Tax Iselin, NJ
Jill Schulz Partner Audit Denver
John Seidensticker Principal Advisory Denver
Nola Showers Partner Tax Philadelphia
Saylor Sims Principal Tax Dallas
Michael Sinese Partner Tax Philadelphia
Christopher Spratt Managing Director Tax Philadelphia
Steve Srmag Managing Director Tax Cleveland
Andrew Surgan Managing Director Advisory New York
Sunil Taneja Partner Tax Chicago
Chris Thom Managing Director Advisory Overland Park, KS
Ajay Thomas Partner Audit Boston
Ty VanDeGrift Managing Director Internal Services Tampa, FL
Laura Wagner Managing Director Audit Salt Lake City
Aiman Wahdan Partner Audit Pittsburgh
Rashada Whitehead Managing Director Internal Services Chicago
Amy Wieman Partner Audit San Francisco
Dana Wissman Managing Director Tax Atlanta
Eric Young Managing Director Advisory Dallas

*Promoted earlier in 2021 with approval from Grant Thornton’s Partnership Board.

Congrats to everyone who received their purple roses today!