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Promotion Watch ’21: BDO USA Admits 69 Lucky Boys and Girls to Partnership

The number of new partners in the fiscal year 2022 class at BDO USA would make Bill and Ted snicker.

For some reason, we didn’t post anything last year about the FY 2021 new partners at BDO. I blame the pandemic, which is what I blame most things on these days. But this latest class of 69 Wayne Berson devotees has to be one of the largest in the firm’s history:

Here’s a closer look at the class of FY 2022 by the numbers:

  • 27: The number of new partners in assurance, the most of any service line, followed by 19 in tax and 10 in advisory.
  • 20: The number of new partners who are women, or 29% of the class.
  • 8: The number of new partners in New York City, the most of any location, followed by five in both Atlanta and Houston, and four in Dallas, Detroit, San Francisco, and Washington, DC.

BDO took a page from PwC’s book by doing short profiles for each new partner accompanied by their headshot. You can find out fun facts about many of the new partners, like Clint Dobson who said: “A retired tax partner was the third wheel on my wife and I’s first date.” Oof.

And some were asked why they chose a career in professional services, which Lauren DeBarr answered: “ I EXCEL’d in my accounting classes!”

Congrats to the class of FY 2022:

  • Angela Acosta, State and Local Tax, Charlotte
  • Pavlo Ageyev, Assurance, New York
  • Jenna Aira-Ventrella, Forensic and Litigation, Los Angeles
  • Sucheta Atre, Risk Advisory Services, San Francisco
  • Nick Auriemma, Business Services and Outsourcing, Philadelphia
  • Melissa Bartenbach, Assurance, Seattle
  • Rene Blanco, Assurance, Orlando
  • Courtney Brokaw, National Resource Solutions Practice, Houston
  • John Bysiewicz, Assurance, Boston
  • Ashwin Chandran, Assurance; National Partner – Assurance Professional Practice, Dallas
  • David Chavez, Assurance, Dallas
  • Jonathan Colognesi, Assurance, Boston
  • Tim Crawford, Third Party Attestation, St. Louis
  • Connie Cunningham, Tax; Accounting Methods Technical Practice Co-Leader, Los Angeles
  • Jesse Daves, Forensics, Houston
  • Lauren DeBarr, Assurance, San Francisco
  • Carla DeMartini, Assurance, Stamford, CT
  • Clint Dobson, Tax, Spokane, WA
  • Shannon Donovan, Public Sector, Greater Washington DC
  • Jon Eilertsen, Accounting & Advisory Reporting Services, Dallas
  • Chris Farthing, Assurance, Las Vegas
  • Robert Franco, Tax, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Anthony Gamez, Tax, Houston
  • Shaun Green, Tax Performance Engineering, Detroit
  • Cameron Greener, Tax, Salt Lake City
  • Joel Gross, International Tax Services, Boston
  • Blake Head, Global Employer Services, Atlanta
  • Jody Hillenbrand, Assurance, San Antonio
  • Sean Honda, Tax, Greater Washington DC
  • Stan Huang, Transaction Advisory Services, Orange County, CA
  • Michaela Kay, Assurance, Seattle
  • John Krupar, Operational Value Creation Practice Leader, Phoenix
  • Jenna Kruschel, Assurance, Milwaukee
  • Rich Lamorena, Principal and Data Analytics National Co-Leader, Oak Brook, IL
  • David Libbares, Assurance, Greater Washington DC
  • David Little, International Tax Services, Atlanta
  • Paul Lukasik, State and Local Tax, Detroit
  • Dustin McCoy, Tax, Greenville, SC
  • Ryan McLaughlin, Assurance, Long Island, NY
  • Esayas Messele, Tax, New York
  • Johnny Montoya, Transaction Advisory Services, New York
  • Laura Morris, Business Incentives & Tax Credits, San Francisco
  • Samuel Najewicz, Assurance, San Diego
  • Chris Nelms, Transaction Advisory Services, Atlanta
  • Matthew Pascual, Expatriate Tax Services, Stamford, CT
  • Tom Ramos, Valuation and Capital Market Analysis Principal, Denver
  • Jon Roberts, Assurance, Chicago
  • Jonathan Roberts, Transaction Advisory Services, New York
  • Jeremy Robin, Forensic and Litigation, Houston
  • Richard Rossell, Assurance, New York
  • Aaron Schmidt, Assurance, Dallas
  • Chris Schnittker, Management Advisory Services, Greater Philadelphia
  • Tim Seigler, Third Party Attestation, Atlanta
  • Malav Sheth, Assurance, Greater Washington DC
  • Channing Smith, Assurance, Spokane, WA
  • Janet Smith, Risk Advisory Services, Houston
  • Mark Snover, Assurance, San Francisco
  • Jonathan Spiegel, Tax Performance Engineering, New York
  • Patrick Stanton, Assurance, Raleigh, NC
  • Nathan Stuettgen, Tax, Phoenix
  • Brendan Sullivan, Tax, Detroit
  • Joanne Szupka, Assurance, Philadelphia
  • Lydia Vercelli, Tax, New York
  • Mike Whiting, Accounting & Reporting Advisory, Detroit
  • Justin Wilkes, Assurance, Atlanta
  • Justin Wilkes, Advisory, Strategic Planning & Operational Excellence, Austin, TX
  • Stephanie Wolf, Assurance, Grand Rapids, MI
  • Pei-Li Wong, Forensic and Litigation, New York
  • Katie Wynn, Assurance, San Diego


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