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Hey Look, BDO Had Another Decent Year

Way to grow, guys and gals!If Bravo Delta Oscar's announcement of its 2013 fiscal year revenues are any indication, we're going to see big revenue numbers from accounting firms this year:

BDO USA, LLP, one of the nation's leading professional service organizations, today announced revenue for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2013 was $683 million, a 10.5 percent increase from last year's revenue of $618 million. The firm achieved strong growth in its tax (+15.8%) and assurance (+11.4%) business lines, while consulting (-8.1%) was down from 2012.
The firm's assurance business line represents 60 percent of BDO USA's business. BDO's tax and consulting lines represent 30 percent and 8 percent of revenues respectively. Other services account for the remaining 2 percent.
“In fiscal 2013, BDO USA continued to experience strong demand for services in our core assurance and tax business lines as large public and private entities continue to be attracted to our industry focused approach,” said Wayne Berson, CEO OF BDO USA. “Consulting revenues were down due to softer M&A and restructuring markets, in addition to the completion of several large consulting engagements that contributed to major revenue growth in 2012. Moving forward, the practice is positioned for strong growth in the coming year.”
Double-digit assurance growth? Who knew that was even possible in this day and age?
Accounting Today also reports that if BDO, who has been on a shopping spree since WB took over, were to include the revenues of the firms it has acquired in FY '13, things would look even better: 
[The] figures do not include full FY 2013 revenue from several acquisitions the firm has made recently, including last November’s addition of Top 100 Firm Argy, Wiltse & Robinson and Philadelphia firm Asher & Co., and the addition earlier this month of Mikunda Cottrell & Co., Moquist Thorvilson Kaufmann and banking assets from ParenteBeard. With those included, BDO’s revenue would be $750 million, with growth of 21.3 percent. 
In revenue per partner numbers, the $683 million would work out to about $2.558 million per partner. That's based on 267 partners per AT's 2013 Top 100 ranking. Using the same method, the $618 million and 260 partners in AT's 2012 ranking works out to $2.376 million, so a decent improvement. Yes, it's a limited metric, we realize, but that's what we got. 
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