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New Accounting Club President Needs Help Trolling Peers, Firms

Need help working on your office etiquette or lack thereof? Trying to figure out how to hit on your colleague without getting dragged off to 12 weeks of sexual harassment training? We've got your back, just get in touch.

I've just been elected Accounting Club President! Any suggestions on how to best troll my peers and firms that want to recruit here?

Hey, congratulations! I hope you will use this opportunity to advance your professional goals while also messing with as many people as possible. Since you already read GC, you should have a decent foundation already.

When trolling your own peers, it's important to get your point across in the least abrasive way possible so it never actually dawns on them that you're trolling. Unlike trolling on the Internet, you've actually got to face these people and they might even know where you live so it's a good idea to take the conservative approach. The easiest way to mess with impressionable young college students – especially the clueless ones – is to distort their perception. Throw wild ideas in front of them and see how they react or, if you're feeling particularly clever one day, try starting up a discussion on FASB's latest revenue recognition position just to see how many of your peers have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. It's OK if you don't know much about it either, in this case a quick Google search will give you enough information to make it appear as though you know what you are talking about. Careful pulling this on your professors, though, some of them stay on top of these things just to feel relevant and might actually try to discuss it with you.

As for the firms, they're the easiest of all to troll but be careful, you might actually want to work for them one day and trust us, that's where all the good quality trolling happens. In lieu of trolling, I'd suggest using your position to connect with as many firms and professionals as you can.

Now, let's be serious for a moment. How else can you use your position to make yourself look cooler?

CPA review courses love accounting clubs, it gives them an opportunity to come in and run their carefully-crafted marketing game on unsuspecting college students so reach out to some and see if they want to work with you. Who knows, you might be a hero for arranging a discount or, at a minimum, a class visit on CPA exam topics. Good times!

Use this as an opportunity to make some great connections. Don't be afraid to reach out to everyone from your state society of CPAs to firms in your area to other professional organizations. It's way less awkward doing this when you have your accounting club as an excuse so get out there, meet some people and hopefully use them to advance your own goals later. See, isn't this more fun than trolling?

Don't worry, you've got your whole career ahead of you for that.