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Natalie Gulbis Is Noticeably Devoid of Clothes, McGladrey Branding in Sports Illustrated Pictorial

As many of you are aware, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue hit stands yesterday with the typical fare. Prior to the rise of the Internet, this was probably one of the most important dates on the calendar of the average American man. Now that porn flows like wine, there's very little left to the imagination and this SI issue feels nostalgic more than anything as it serves as a launching pad for the young lady on the cover. In order to remain relevant, SI has thrown in various features that include male and female athletes showing off their flesh, body painting, etc. to accompany the models. So I guess that's something.  This year, one pleasant surprise that was pointed out to us was the inclusion of McGladrey billboard Natalie Gulbis in the body paint section of the issue. Natalie looks good, obviously, even if she's been airbrushed into a mannequin version of herself but one can't help but feel that there was an opportunity missed here for McGladrey. Sure, they're not her biggest sponsor but you, happy Mickey G employees, deep down probably wish that something could have been worked out so NG could show some love for you all. Sensing this, we did our best to come up with something:

Granted, this isn't quite as artistic as the body paint but accountants don't typically get too caught up in aesthetics. Simply getting a little credit will do nicely.