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Footnotes: Trent Richardson’s Tax Savings; Attorney Annoys Accountants; An Auditor’s Major Food Groups | 09.19.13

Trent Richardson's trade saves him $30,000 in taxes [AL]

Gregory Turza, an estate planning attorney, from Park Ridge, Ill., wanted to boost his business by getting his name out to accountants. So he hired a marketing firm to fax hundreds of accountants thousands of promotional ads in the guise of a monthly “newsletter.” One of those newsletters featured absurdly obvious tips for buying a laptop. “If you plan to use it a lot on the go, find one that’s under 5 lbs.” The point was that the bottom of it included Mr. Turza’s name and address as well as a description of his services. The faxes also lacked opt-out instructions. The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago last month ordered Mr. Turza to pay $500 in statutory damages for each of the 8,430 unsolicited faxes, which works out to more than $4 million. About $1.4 million of that is going to attorneys’ fees and expenses. [WSJ]
Sen. Levin aims at offshore tax loopholes [The Hill]
NY accountant pleads guilty to swindling clients [WSJ]
Someone is sticking to their  busy season diet.  

I wouldn't expect Grant Thornton's new Cork office in Ireland to be anything like the Belfast office in Northern Ireland. [RTE]

The Heritage Foundation thinks the state and local deduction should be scrapped. [THF]

What's the Best Way To Get a Drink At a Busy Bar? [Gawker]

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