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NASBA Respectfully Asks You Not to Act Like an Idiot at the CPA Exam

Long ago and far away, we wondered out loud what would happen if you tattooed CPA exam formulas on your arm. Not that we suggest doing that as tattoos are permanent while the CPA exam is temporary, but would Prometric throw you out? Would you be barred from taking the exam due to cheating and end up stuck with stupid mnemonics on your arm for eternity?

Apparently, candidates marking up their bodies is a thing, to the extent that NASBA had to mention it in a post about common security issues at the testing center and how to avoid them. You know, the usual, forgetting your ID or bringing the wrong NTS.

Let's read:

Even with the extensive and detailed language in the The Candidate Bulletin and all of the disclosure information you must read through before taking the exam (such as the Exam Confidentiality and Break Policy statement), the Candidate Care Department continues to see certain issues of misconduct on a regular enough basis that warrants mention in this article. Here is how to avoid a write-up or denial of testing due to these issues:

  • Take the 10 minute break, and do not extend it past the 10 minutes.
  • Arrive at the testing center at least 30-45 minutes before scheduled testing time, otherwise you run the risk of tardiness and being denied your opportunity to test.
  • Avoid confrontations with testing center staff because of the enforcement of rules and regulations surrounding CPA Exam testing.
  • Do not use any parts of your body as a surface on which to write notes, and refrain from taking notes or receipts into the testing center.

Gotta love that snippy tone. "We warned you idiots not to do this stuff and yet you continue to do it."

What else will get you thrown out of the testing center besides writing on yourself and beating the crap out of the testing center staff (don't lie like you've never fantasized about it)?

  • Repeating acts of misconduct after receiving prior warning(s)
  • Attempting to remove or removing examination questions from the testing room by any means
  • Copying, writing or summarizing examination questions on any material other than the noteboards issued to you
  • Tampering with computer software or hardware, or attempting to use a computer for any reason other than completing the examination session
  • Intentional refusal or failure to comply with instructions of the test center staff
  • Attempting to have an impersonator gain admission to the testing room or to substitute for you after a break
  • Conduct that may threaten bodily harm or damage to property

So, now you know. Don't draw on yourself, don't beat anyone up, don't try to play Minesweeper on Prometric's shitty computer, don't throw Prometric's shitty computer, don't throw Prometric's shitty computer at anyone who works for Prometric, and don't let the guy who you paid $500 to take the exam for you throw Prometric's shitty computer. Easy enough.