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CPA Review Students: We Want Feedback on Your Study Program

Hey folks, a concerned reader reached out the other day to vent about their current CPA review program and it got me thinking… instead of calling out one CPA review course, perhaps it's time to refresh our last guide to CPA review programs based on the insights of current students.

Here's what I need: feedback! I'll send you a quick questionnaire that will take you 5 or 10 minutes; you remain anonymous and your feedback will be used by current and soon-to-be CPA exam candidates all over. You can vent about what you don't like about your current program, brag about what you do and feel good knowing your experience has helped a fellow future CPA looking for real input from real students. It's a win-win and will give you a much-needed quick break from studying at least.

I'm mostly looking to cover the main ones: Becker, Yaeger, Roger, CPA Excel, ExamMatrix possibly Gleim and Lambers if anyone wants to throw in their 2¢ on those. I don't need to hear about cpareviewforfree but I would be up to hear from anyone who has used just Wiley materials (books and/or software) alone.

It helps if you've taken at least one section of the CPA exam – preferably more – but it doesn't matter if you passed or not. Basically I'm looking to hear how well prepared you felt going in, or how clueless you were on exam day if you feel disappointed in your current program.

If you'd like to participate, please get in touch. You don't get anything for participating except my undying appreciation and warm and fuzzies for contributing to the CPA candidate knowledge pool.