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Here’s Where You Can Check If Your CPA Exam Testing Center Is Open

Though Prometric re-opened for a handful of “essential” tests on May 1, testing centers across the country remain closed due to local restrictions on movement and other factors. It is expected that more test centers will be up and running by May 31, contingent again on local conditions and subject to Prometric’s discretion.

Not sure if your desired testing center is open? You can check directly from Prometric here. Here’s the list in spreadsheet form if you prefer that (I know how y’all be).

There are currently 297 testing centers across the United States already open or scheduled to open by May 18, and 108 of these opened on May 1, while approximately 150 should be opening up next week. You’ll note a few open Prometric locations are available to United States Medical Licensing Examination testing only, so make sure you check if your testing center is one of them as that obviously means you won’t be able to schedule there.

As we let you know a few days ago, a Prometric representative mentioned on a special COVID-19 and the CPA exam webcast organized by Becker last week that they anticipated adding additional hours and staff to better accommodate social distancing guidelines at re-opened test centers. So although you may not be able to schedule your desired exam date at your testing center currently, that could change. You can view a recording of that webcast here if you’re interested.

And remember: this is a constantly changing situation. Open testing centers may still close, while still others may be added as conditions change. Your best bet is to regularly check back with Prometric and follow NASBA on Twitter for regular updates as they are available. Additionally, we recommend you review Prometric’s updated testing center procedures prior to testing to ensure you understand the precautions they are taking to keep everyone safe. You’ll note they’ve made an exception to allow expired IDs if your identification expired from February 2020 onward, so if you were stressing about not being able to get to the DMV to renew your ID, don’t.

I know it’s frustrating and there have been some complaints about lack of communication from NASBA and Prometric but I assure you they are doing the best they can and want nothing more than for all of you to be able to test as soon as possible.