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How to be More or Less Happy as an Accountant.

Okay, I'm going to ask a question, even though I feel a little bit shy. I'm 30-something, and I returned to school for accounting about a year and a half ago. I won't get into the reasons why, but I'm comfortable with my choice.

I'm old enough that I'll take any negative replies with more than a grain of salt, but, can't a job as an accountant be what you make of it? I feel like the sentiment here so often is that this is the worst career choice ever.

I spent a couple of years looking into different paths, and no matter what the profession, people were really pessimistic about their occupations. I remember once hearing a secondary school teacher talking about how terrible her job was, how she wasn't paid fairly, the politics, blah blah. I remembered thinking, "Okay, so out of any other profession, you have the least excuse because you've got all summer to take classes and change your career."

I get that complaining is funny and a way to relieve some stress, but seriously, is the only reason why some of you continue to work as accountants because you have no other job options? I don't mean that as an insult, as in, "You're not qualified to do anything else," I mean that as in, it's too difficult for whatever reason to switch your career.

I'm not expecting all of the answers to be especially nice, but that's fine.