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Morale Boost – What’s it Going to Take?

beatings_morale.jpgAs we reach another major deadline tomorrow, the rumors about layoffs have begun again. After years of bragging about how the awesome job security we all enjoy, accountants now find themselves as expendable as any other profession.
While that might be a stretch, it certainly feels that way. Morale at most firms continues to be in free fall but the communication from your firms seems to indicate that leadership has their heads in the sand when it comes to how you’re all doing. Instead, the message seems to be “we need you to do more, with less” but we really, really appreciate it.
Try to feel better, after the jump

Since one firm has already decided a certain, end of the year party isn’t going to happen, anything short of setting up kissing booths filled with Kardashians or Clooney/Pitt types, isn’t going to get the remaining troops to rally for the upcoming busy season.
And judging by your discussions, the upcoming busy season might seem like something between the fourth and fifth circles of the Inferno. So in order to get some ideas thrown out there, discuss in the comments your suggestions so your firm can get your love again.
We’ve already suggested McGladrey & Pullen make better use of their relationship with Natalie Gulbis but we’re not holding our breath on that front.