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Ready to Do the Unthinkable and Work for Less Money?

office-space-402a-061907.jpgWith all the blood being spilled in the past year, you don’t have to be a math wizard to know that: Fewer People + Same Workload = People Working Like Dogs
It has gotten to the point that many of these people that are doing more work, for the same amount of money are ready to move on for, GASP, less money.
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Rick Telberg, at CPA Trendlines quotes a recent survey they did that says that nearly half of the people polled so far were ready to move on to a different job, ‘even if it meant a paycut’. No surprise really since doing the work of two or three people loses its luster pretty much instantly, especially when it becomes the expectation.
He also mentions that regardless of this emerging trend of people willing to turn down big (or mediocre) bucks to get their lives back, the enrollment on campus in accounting programs is at record levels.
So after giving it very little thought we came up with the following approximate timeline: Everyone in college thinks accounting is sexy; It takes 1-2 years to find out that it’s not; 3-6 years to actually get out (one way or another); Then, well, WTFK? Become a hack blogger?
Recession Adds to Workloads, Stress; Sends CPAs Looking for New Jobs [Rick Telberg/CPA Trendlines]