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Risk Assurance (IT Audit specifically): Career Paths?

I'm starting FT in Risk Assurance with PwC after graduating. Since I have accounting and MIS degrees, it seems like a great fit. However, I have read a few blogs and chatted with my professors about the future of a career in IT Audit. 

Correct me if I'm wrong, but with CPA & CISA licenses, these look like my options: 

1. Stay in public, forever and ever and ever and do IT audits! 

2. Leave and go into internal IT Audit. Wait for Director of Internal Audit at my company to die so I can get promoted in 20 years. 

3. Get an MBA…Not sure what I'll do after that…Go into Advisory/IT implementations and live in hotel rooms? Greeeat. If the MBA was at an Ivy, maybe work for an extrordinarily snotty consulting firm like BCG or McKinsey (seems a bit pretentious though…even more than the Big 4). 

4. Lose my mind and go to core audit so I can work harder for less money, but then be on a somewhat promising C-level management route. 

One note on #3 — are ex Big 4 employees even attractive to Ivy grad schools? I went to a nameless state school, so hooray! 

I would appreciate any advice.