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Metro-NYC Salary Question about Master’s in Tax

Hi everyone, I started working in tax at a Big4 firm and wanted to ask about the MST. Based on the compensation threads, it seems that people with MSTs start out at a higher salary than those without it in New York City. The numbers vary, but it seems to be in the ballpark of $10,000, which roughly equates to around $68,000 out of school.

I have completed my MST not too long ago, but I received my full-time offer as an undergrad and my salary does not factor in the additional degree. Should I ask HR for a readjustment? On one hand, I do not want to give off a bad impression right from the start, but on the other, living in NYC is expensive and based on the comp threads my salary should be higher. If it helps, I also have my CPA. Any help will be much appreciated!