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Which internship?

Hi GoingConcerners, I have a question.

I currently work at a big midsize accounting firm (ranked top 21 in the USA, top 5 in Europe). I have been working there for a month now as a tax intern and as tax season is coming to a close, things seem to be slowing down in terms of projects that I'm given. I might be sent away as April wraps up, unless I step up my game and try to convince the manager to keep me. But then, I don't know how much more I can step up the game. My future at midsize is a bit uncertain.  

A huge investment bank comes along and makes me an offer to intern in their corporate tax department. The gig is a long term gig (more than a year), unless i really mess up. They can keep me longer if I'm outstanding. My goal was to go into public accounting and initially I thought that by joining the midsize firm, i had a good shot at getting noticed from the Big 4, or do a good career at said midsize. 

However, the coming of the IB is making things difficult. It looks like a golden opportunity. I am an adult/unconventional student at an age when you are usually senior manager or VP. Instead I am getting my first bachelor degree. I do not have parents to pay for my expenses and I am struggling financially, so every decision has to be made carefully. 

Which is the best move? How is the IB giant going to look like on my resume for Big 4 recruiters and major mid-size firms? Or should I stick to public accounting gigs even if there isn't a lot of work to do?

I wouldn't mind making a career at the big IB, however, it seems like public accounting provides more job security than working at a financial institution?

I never interned in public accounting firms before this midsize.