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Market Research Shows That People Prefer Cats Over Accountants Nearly 1,000 To 1

What on Earth is this? And everyone said I could never make cats and accounting work when I published my groundbreaking research paper The Cat Quotient in 1989.

Baltimore, MD – KatzAbosch, a leading certified public accounting and consulting firm serving the Mid-Atlantic region, has recently changed its marketing strategy to focus on the ever growing popularity of cats and “catvertising” – the use of cats in advertising.  This new strategy promotes the phrase “cat say bosh” as a mnemonic device for people to remember the firm’s name and how to pronounce it.
“People don’t know how to say our name,” says KatzAbosch Marketing Director, Graham Dodge.  
“We’ve heard ‘Katz-AH-boash’, ‘Katzah-BOSH’ and sometimes just ‘Katz-um…’, but now everyone will remember that it sounds just like Cat Say Bosh.”
Dodge used Tumblr to create a new website dedicated to photos of cats saying the word bosh, which can be found here:
To support the new campaign, Dodge has also updated the firm’s popular animated series called ‘Gotta Love Tax Season’ to feature talking animated cats, instead of animated accountants:
“Our market research shows that people prefer cats over accountants nearly 1,000 to 1,” says Dodge. “It’s a no brainer.”
About KatzAbosch
Founded in 1969, KatzAbosch is a leading certified public accounting, tax and consulting firm. KatzAbosch is headquartered in Timonium and serves the Mid-Atlantic Region with additional offices located in Columbia and Bel Air, Maryland. KatzAbosch has been recognized as a “Best Accounting Firm to Work For” by Accounting Today for the past 4 years in a row. The firm provides tax and accounting services including cost segregation studies, business valuations, litigation support, forensic accounting, technology solutions, estate planning and administration as well as personal financial planning. KatzAbosch was a founding member of the Leading Edge Alliance, a global organization comprised of independently owned accounting and consulting firms. For more information, please call 410.828.CPAS (2727) or visit

Other important cat sites include Cats n Cats on Tumblr and samhaseyebrows on Instagram. I see a fascinating trend here and hope the innovators are paying attention!