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Marcum Reminds Employees That Client Deadline Work Won’t Get Done By Itself During the Holidays and Pandemic

Happy Thanksgiving week! Because Adrienne and I are going to be taking some much-needed time off later this week (and hopefully you guys are too), our posting schedule is going to be a little lighter than normal. But do you know whose workload isn’t going to be lighter than usual this week and in the foreseeable future? Marcum employees. In fact, when it comes to meeting client deadlines, there will be NO wiggle room—holidays and Rona be damned.

A tipster sent us this email that was sent to all Marcum employees late last week from HR:

With the holiday season upon us and out of an abundance of caution, we recommend that everyone makes plans to bring work and any necessary supplies (including your laptop computer) home in the event of office closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic and potential government mandated stay-at-home orders.

For client service professionals, please coordinate with your teams to ensure you and your team members are prepared and understand responsibilities. If you are unable to make it into your Marcum office, everyone should have the tools needed to work remotely. Be proactive and communicate with your clients so that they understand the plan during this time. Client deadlines remain the same in spite of the pandemic and we trust that everyone will do what it takes to make sure all deadlines are met. For administrative and operations professionals, please speak to your department head in advance to arrange for productive work from home.

Please continue to be responsible and courteous to your co-workers. If you cannot practice proper safety protocols and social distancing while not at work, DO NOT go to a Marcum office or client location.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Please stay safe and healthy!

And billable, obviously.

7 thoughts on “Marcum Reminds Employees That Client Deadline Work Won’t Get Done By Itself During the Holidays and Pandemic

  1. OK….I’ll be the first to stand in line and hurl an insult at Marcum (and more specifically, good ol’ Jeff Wiener) but this is a dumb post. All they’re saying is make sure you can get your job done. They pay you a paycheck, you do work. That is how this works. Must be a slow day at GC, huh?

    1. Dont really agree. True everyone should get the work done, but you dont need to send out such message during holiday time. Other companies don’t send out this message to emoloyee, did they not pay out paycheck?

      1. Thats a fair point. Most companies send out the “thank you for all of the help and take some time off to be with your family”. Marcum says “just keep chugging along, peons”. I take it back.

        Marcum blows and Jeff Weiner is a douche.

        1. Fully agree about Weiner. Not at all decent human being. I’ll give him credit for taking a tiny accounting firm and building it into a top 20 but he is despicable to his people.

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