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There’s Just One CPA Exam Score Release Left For This Dumpster Fire of a Year

Although I tried my darnedest during the last CPA exam score release to unleash a curse on AICPA servers because candidates are overdue for some unforeseen disaster given how smooth things have gone lately, it appears the collective powers of the CPA exam overlords are more powerful than any jinx. That’s right, scores have been released on time yet again.

With this release, that leaves just December 16 and this year is pretty much done.

Testing Window: July 1 – December 31, 2020

If you take your exam on/before: Your target score release date is:
July 23 August 7
August 16 August 25
September 8 September 16
September 30 October 9
October 23 November 10
November 16 November 24
December 8 December 16
December 31 January 12

Dates via AICPA

With December rapidly approaching, it’s worth reminding some of you that many jurisdiction-wide credit extensions granted earlier in the year when the Rona was really mucking everything up are set to expire on December 31, 2020. Meaning if the clock hasn’t been ticking for you for at least part of this year, ticking resumes bright and early at the start of 2021. Forty-two jurisdictions extended credit to December 31, 2020, most of which for credit expiration dates between April 1 and December 30. These extensions are automatic and you shouldn’t have to do anything other than praise your deity of choice for granting the benevolent overlords of the CPA exam with the kindness to grant extensions in these difficult times.

As we discussed not that long ago, if you decided to say screw it and put the exam on hold this year no one’s gonna blame you really. Well, maybe some people in the comment section but whatever, they are probably the same old-timers horrified by the fact that staff can get away with modest, mostly-hidden tattoos and — gasp — even earrings in strange places. What a time we live in, eh?

For those of you who somehow stuck it out and are grinding all the way to December, you’re either completely insane or just that dedicated, in which case you deserve some props for making it this far. Hell, everyone deserves credit for making it this far. So good job, or whatever.