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Man Associated with AgFeed Fraud Adds Threatening Big 4 Watchdog to List of Bad Decisions

Everyone in the know knows that coming at Francine McKenna is generally not a good idea. Not only will she reduce you to a sniveling pile of human waste, she'll use your carcass to mop up your tears and then tell the Internet all about how she made you cry and send you a dry cleaning bill for her tear-stained outfit.

That did not stop "Chinese stock promoter Tianbing 'Benjamin' Wey" from sending Francine quite the ballsy email in regards to her coverage of the whole AgFeed thing. Specifically, her post A China Fraud Dissected: Part 2 AgFeed’s Auditors, in which she refers directly to Lawrence Blitz v. AgFeed Industries, Inc., Goldman Kurland & Mohidin LLP, McGladrey & Pullen LLP (as opposed to, say, just making this up or pulling it out of the general area where the sun don't shine):

From the second amended complaint:

Goldman also provided accounting services to at least three other companies associated with Chinese stock promoter Tianbing “Benjamin” Wey (“Wey”), whose New York Global Group (“NYGG”) was closely affiliated with AgFeed during the Class Period. Furthermore, Goldman engagement partner Mohidin, through his prior firm, Kabani & Co, provided accounting services to at least eight other Wey-promoted stocks. Goldman was responsible for auditing AgFeed’s books and records, and falsely certified that its 2008 and 2009 annual financial statements filed with the SEC conformed with GAAP.

In addition to its own alliance with Wey, Goldman retained third-party Chinese accounting firms Beijing Ever Trust CPAs Co., Ltd. (BETL) and Beijing AnShun International CPAs Co., Ltd. (AnShun) to do what it needed done on the ground in China. The second amended class action complaint alleges BETL and Anshun were also under Wey’s influence. BETL and Anshun worked out of the same Chinese office building as Wey. The complaint also says BETL shared a computer server with Wey’s NYGG. BETL and AnShun were the go-to firms for field work on audits of Wey-promoted companies and, therefore, the go-to China firms of Kabani and Goldman at Mohidin’s direction. Working for Mohidin was the primary source of BETL and Anshun revenues, according to the complaint.

None of this is Francine guessing whether Wey is boxers or briefs, it's all from the complaint. But Mr Wey failed to see it that way and pounded out an angry letter to her filled with $10 words like "libel," which is a sure way to get any writer to remove their content immediately (LOL).

You can read the whole email from Wey over on Francine's playground but this is the part of his keyboard ninjery you need to know:

If you do not have any factual basis for your statements, I consider it libel and please take immediate actions to correct the mistake. It would go a long way towards your redemption. I am not your enemy. Please do not create a hostile environment for yourself. It is not necessary. It is up to you to remove your slanderous statement before April 3, 2014

This is the SEC complaint against individuals involved in AgFeed: As you can read through the materials on the SEC’s website, neither Benjamin Wey nor New York Global Group is a party to the SEC complaint. 

If would not agree to immediately remove all and any contents associated with Benjamin Wey or New York Global Group, please address the following questions since you will prominently featured, every day, in yoru(SIC) face, 360 days a year: 3. What is your relationship with a Roddy Boyd, a close friend of Dune Lawrence? As exposed in this article:

Also worth noting, it appears Wey got his haters mixed up and sent bits intended for truth-slinger Professor Paul Gillis to Francine instead. Writes Francine:

The rest of Wey’s email is cut-and-paste confused slop. In fact, it appears to be directed at someone else who lives in Beijing and teaches at a university there.  I confirmed late last night that Professor Paul Gillis, author of the China Accounting Blog, also received a threatening email from Wey and that some of the complaints against me were meant for him.

Like, say, item #6 in Wey's email: "Do the President of Beijing University and the Dean of Guanghua school, whom I know, endorse your obvious anti-China stance? I would like to put their positions on the record, either through us or through Xinhua." And #7: "You rely on a chinese university for compensation. Could you explain why a fair person would not have written a single piece positive about China? You live in Beijng, apparently you have some positive views towards China. Can you explain Dune Lawrence’s odd behavior?"

The best part is how Francine was given until today to remove her "slanderous statement" and instead dedicated an entire post to Wey's threat. I guess we know how she feels about threats, eh Mr Wey?