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Low GPA out of college, career advice needed

So, here's the scoop. I recently graduated from George Mason University this past May with my B.S. in Accounting. I have worked close to full time throughout the entirety of my undergrad, with about two and a half years as an Accounting Inter/Clerk in the accounting department of a small non-accounting related firm. The good: My job responsibilities has given me much experience and familiarity with basic accounting functions such as bank reconciliations, cash receipts, adjusting entries, audit prep, and other account reconciliations. The bad: My grades dropped off a little and I graduated with a 2.99 GPA.

I felt that having this job would give me a head start once I graduated, but it is now starting to feel like a curse. I really want to get into audit (not necessarily Big-Four), but all the entry level positions seem to be filled via on-campus recruiting, of which all the firms use a 3.0 GPA cut-off as a filtering mechanism. My resume is off to a good start with my experience as well as being an officer for the University Accounting club, but it is ultimately doing me no good if I can’t even get a recruiter to look at my resume because a lackluster GPA. Although I am currently working on the CPA exam and attaining credits for licensure, I am lost with where to go next for a career start in audit. If anyone can give some suggestions for where I go from here, it would be must appreciated.