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Confusion – What to do?

I'm currently a staff at one of the Big 4… I personally worked really hard this past busy season, but unfortunately, due to 1 or 2 strong critcisms in my review, I wasn't promoted unfortunately. They'd like to place me under the performance improvment plan to hopfully get promoted next year. However, I've always felt that I haven't connected with my senior which has inhibted me from receiving a good review & the senior's attitude causes me to lose my confidence & it seems I will likely be on the same client since I didn't do terrible. That said, I'm confused as to what I should do:

1. Stay at the Big 4 & try to do a better job & take the risk of being counseled out next year or maybe being promoted.

2. Leave the firm & go to a smaller firm as a senior. I don't exactly enjoy audit but the thought is to increase my exit salary when I go to private.

3. Go to private immediately. I have a few years of private industry experience prior to joining public accounting, but wanted the public accounting experiene from the Big 4 on my resume. I excelled really well & really enjoyed it. However, I fear that I'll be low-balled in terms of salary since I'm leaving so soon.

Please excuse my typo as my keyboard doesn't seem to be working properly. Would love to hear all your thoughts. Also, as an FYI, I'm still in the midst of attaining my CPA, if that makes a difference.