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Let’s Talk About (Possible) Inappropriate Advances at the Office

Someone alerted me to this Another 71 thread and I feel like you guys can help — or at least point and laugh. If you have an A71 account, please by all means chime in over there.

Here's the question:

I'm a man in a Audit team with all my colleagues being women and the one who trains me has been a bit too "friendly" toward me, including getting into details of how I should organize my desk…bringing me stuff, cute gifts, asking me to join clubs she attends..etc.

She's mentioned a couple of times that she's engaged and often complains about her man, even asking me to agree with her…but I stay out of that.

I noticed that when she sits next to me, she will push her legs so close toward me that they will be very "intimate". When I pull away my leg and give her space she becomes upset. She has also been touching me a lot and asking me out to lunch every day, even when I insist I go home for lunch. Constantly checks on my feelings, constantly asks if I'm happy and what she could "do" for me.

I'm just wondering, I'm I overreacting here or could she be attracted to me? I love this job so much and I know any type of affair or office romance will probably put me in jeopardy. I just wanna know that I'm overreacting and I'm crazy.

Assuming this is not a troll (possible), as a woman, I am going to assume the female colleague is used to "flirting" to get what she wants, taking advantage of awkward dudes who will get giddy and do her bidding with the slightest flip of her hair. I am also going to assume that this guy is reading way too much into this.

What say ye, GC faithful?