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Let’s Mesh Other Business Buzzwords to Form the Next Big Accounting Firm Name

First off, I want to thank those of you who reached out to us on Wednesday about Forvis being the new name of the combined BKD/DHG firm. I’ve been sick with COVID since early Wednesday morning and haven’t cracked open my laptop until now. I still feel like crap but OK enough to do this fun little exercise with you guys.

So if you haven’t heard, the two firms decided to merge in February as equals; therefore, instead of one firm merging into the other, they would start from scratch as a brand-new firm with a brand-new name. Forvis is expected to be the eighth-largest public accounting firm in the U.S. when it officially launches on June 1. The Powers That Be at BKD and DHG decided on Forvis as the firm’s name by combining the words “forward” and “vision.” One BKD employee who reached out to us about the new firm name said, “Quite a bold move not going with initials. I admire the effort but the name just seems kind of awkward to say.”

It’s awkward to say the least. That’s what happen when you combine two buzzwords for your firm’s new name. So that gave me an idea: when the next big accounting firm merger of equals happens–say Moss Adams and Plante Moran or Crowe and CliftonLarsonAllen–let’s figure out what the new name will be by combining two business buzzwords. I’ll start:

  • Synerage (synergy and leverage)
  • Engagile (engage and agile)
  • Innoruptor (innovative and disruptor)
  • Pivoptimize (pivot and optimize)
  • Scaladigm (scalable and paradigm)
  • Holtuitive (holistic and intuitive)

HA! I kinda like Synerage!

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Mesh Other Business Buzzwords to Form the Next Big Accounting Firm Name

  1. Synerage is perfect! BKD/DHG should have hired you. Probably would have been a much lower fee than the fancy marketing firm they used.

    1. Synerage would not work…..they don’t have leverage….ForPar would be more accurate.

  2. I don’t see how the name FORVIS will comply with State Board of Accountancy (and AICPA Code of Professional Conduct) guidelines regarding the naming of firms.

    Rule 505 Form of Practice and Name

    A member may practice public accounting only in the form of a proprietorship, a partnership, or a professional corporation whose characteristics conform to resolutions of Council.

    A member shall not practice public accounting under a firm name that is misleading. Names of one or more past partners or shareholders may be included in the firm name of a successor partnership or corporation. Also, a partner or shareholder surviving the death or withdrawal of all other partners or shareholders may continue to practice under such name which includes the name of past partners or shareholders for up to two years after becoming a sole practitioner.

    1. That rule is to prevent people from pretending to be a large firm with multiple partners when they are really a solo practitioner. It doesn’t require using partners’ names.

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