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Footnotes: H&R Block’s New Biz; PwC Likes Its Bad Clients; SEC Teed Off | 08.18.14

H&R Block launches small business accounting services [Kansas City Business Journal]

McDonnell defense emphasizes his openness to accountant Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's lawyers called their first witness this morning as they opened their case. First up for the defense: Brenda Chamberlain, a Suffolk-based accountant who kept the books for the Sandbridge real estate company McDonnell ran with his sister. []

PwC Didn't Want to Say Mean Things About Its Client An excellent summary of important events [Bloomberg View]

More UK companies reviewing their auditors – PwC Britain's top companies are reviewing early who checks their books ahead of new rules to increase competition introduced to counter concerns about accounting, figures from auditor PwC showed on Monday. [Reuters]

The SEC is really teed off about insider trading on golf courses [Fortune]

Fed says SEC money-market rule could spark, not reduce, runs [MW]