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Footnotes: Tighter Repos; New Deloitte Digs; Get Your Bitcoin | 06.12.14

Rule Makers Tighten Accounting for 'Repos' [WSJ]

Deloitte is moving its Los Angeles office [LAT]

The Salz making an impact [Twitter]

Size of pay raises often depends on industry [AP]

Neighbors of the CPA accused of drugging women and keeping them as sex slaves say they heard a lot of funny noises coming from his place [Gainsville Sun]

SEC to file some insider-trading cases in its in-house court The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission expects to start filing some insider-trading cases in an in-house court rather than federal court, dismissing concerns by defense lawyers that this shift from past practice would be unfair. "I do think we will bring insider-trading cases as administrative proceedings in appropriate cases," Andrew Ceresney, head of the SEC enforcement division, told the District of Columbia Bar on Wednesday. "We have in the past. It has been pretty rare. I think there will be more going forward." [Reuters]

In creative and possibly misleading headlines we have this beaut: "PCAOB Cracks Down on Fraud" []

KPMG: Building the Firm of the Future [CLO]

The Brits are investigating Baker Tilly [economia]

The feds are auctioning off a little Bitcoin [Valleywag]