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Here’s Your Open Thread For the Fourth and Final CPA Exam Score Release of Q3 2019

So here we are. I dunno about you guys but my windows have been open for like two weeks now and I finally got my first glance of falling leaves, leading me to believe, despite the 80 degree temps today here in Virginia, the end of the year is finally upon us. Just in case you need another reminder that the year is coming to an end, the last CPA exam score release of the third quarter has arrived.

The next score release isn’t until November, by which time I’m sure all the trees will be bare, my windows closed, and all of you ambitious little candidates ready to kill it one last time before the last quarter closes. Right? Sure, let’s go with that. Go forth and get it, you got this.

Obligatory reminder to schedule your exams for next quarter if you haven’t already. Candidates fight like yuppie moms at Toys R Us in the 80s over Cabbage Patch dolls for their preferred dates and locations in the fourth quarter thanks to the holidays, weather, and procrastination at work at once. I made this text small so it doesn’t seem like I’m nagging but seriously, do it.