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EY Launches a Creepy AI Campaign Just in Time For Halloween

screenshot from EY video The Face of the Future made with employee images and AI

Guess this will have to do until the Silent Hill 2 remake comes out.

“The Face of the Future” campaign uses images of more than 200 actual EY people terrifyingly mashed together with AI voiceover. The concept, says the firm, is to show how people are at the center of AI.

To highlight every individual’s facial architecture, a specially adapted one-shot StyleGAN was created. From there, a single professional voice recording was transformed using voice AI to develop an unlimited number of new voices that matched the film’s moving faces precisely. This process yielded an asset that would previously have been near impossible to deliver and saved hundreds of filming and editing hours.

John Rudaizky, EY Global Brand & Experiences Leader, says, “The Face of the Future” is not only an extension of the EY long-standing commitment to AI innovation but underlines the organization’s belief that people must be augmented by technology, not in service of it. EY aspires to build a brand that is synonymous with leading on AI and this campaign will serve to show EY clients, people and communities alike how we are doing just that – by placing people at the center of AI to create exponential value.”

We might be freaked out now but five years from now we’re going to look back on this at laugh at how rudimentary it is. We might be laughing now, actually.