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Lawyers v. Accountants: The Battle of Our Time | 03.02.15

Lawyers and accountants are like the Hatfields and McCoys of professional services, only with more teeth and fewer guns. This age old rivalry has only heated up in the last decade or so, with accountants having no trouble finding jobs in post-recession America and their law school counterparts still backed up in the pipeline waiting for jobs like a toilet waiting to be unclogged.

This is why, when our friends over at Above the Law dared to beat this particular dead horse, we were all over it. After significant analysis and a few anecdotes, my colleague Caleb came to the conclusion that both camps are a little sucky, with one (accountants) perhaps just slightly less sucky than the other (lawyers).

Now, it's entirely possible we're a little biased. And obviously, no closer to crowning a winner in this battle any time soon.