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Has Anyone Passed the CPA Exam Using a 5 Week Intensive Course?

This may come as a shock to the youngsters out there but a long, long time ago, you had to study for all 4 CPA exam parts at once, sit for them in a weekend (you could only go twice a year) and hope that you got at least a 50 or you'd fail miserably. Nowadays, you kids have the luxury of taking your exam parts throughout the year (note for the old-timers: flexibility does not equal easy) but for those of you who want the Old School experience, maybe the following is for you. Oh, and if you have a question for our team of drop-outs and degenerates, get in touch.

Hello GC,

I have searched the GC website trying to find some answers or advice that people may have on this 5 week intensive course by Becker. I couldn't find anything so I decided to email you guys to see if I would have any luck from the GC readers. I'm sure the study courses are covered by most big firms but those hotel prices are out of hand-ridiculously expensive especially for a broke college student. I just wanted to try my luck and see if anyone had any hints or advice… if anyone would even recommend torturing oneself by taking this route. BTW- big fan of the site.



Remember that thing I said about how it used to be back in the day? Why the hell would you expose yourself to this kind of punishment now if you don't have to?

I was still working in CPA review when these intensive courses started popping up; I thought it was a bad idea and I think it's a bad idea now. Unless you are going to schedule 4 exams back to back, I almost guarantee you will have to re-study most of what these intensive courses cover later on down the road. Which means additional costs for an already broke college student trying to do the grown-up thing and foot their own bill.

Granted, you'll get the foundation but to polish off what you know, you'll likely have to purchase or access additional review materials to brush up on everything you went over during the intensive course once you're actually sitting for exams weeks or months later. While there are the freakishly talented exceptions who barely have to study to pass, for most people, any more than 2 sections per testing window and you're asking for trouble. As previously stated, if there is no pressing reason for you to attempt to sit for four parts in a single window (spouse is going to leave you, boss is going to fire you, parents will disown you…), why put yourself through it?

Now, if there are any such exceptions out there who have done this course and found it to be incredibly insightful and useful, please help our friend out in the comments.