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KPMG Poaches Someone From EY and Issues a Press Release, Parts I, II, and III

With nearly all of the top public accounting firms in the U.S. closing their offices and sending their staffs home to work for the time being because of the COVID-19 pandemic, hiring has pretty much come to a standstill. But over the course of a few months before all of this happened, KPMG hired a bunch of senior tax professionals, including three from EY.

While not technically press releases, here are the announcements that KPMG sent out regarding its new Klynveldians (h/t Tax Grotto).

First up is Mohamed Jabir:

Mohamed Jabir joins KPMG as a principal in its Global Mobility Services practice, based in New York. He had been at EY, where he was a partner.

Mohamed Jabir

Jabir considers himself “an accomplished global mobility and tax executive” who has helped multinational companies “navigate the challenges and complexities inherent in deploying a global workforce” for the past 20 years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Twenty years is exactly how long he worked for the Black and Yellow before joining KPMG, both in Dallas-Fort Worth and in New York City.

Next is Brett Thompson:

Brett Thompson joins KPMG as a principal in its Economic and Valuation Services practice based in New York. He had been with EY where he served as a principal in its Transaction Advisory Services group.

Brett Thompson

Thompson has 23 years of experience at EY under his belt, all of which was based in the Los Angeles area, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Innovation and entrepreneurship are very important to BT, so much so that he says they “encompass everything I do.

He also posted to LinkedIn some pretty decent advice that many seniors, principals, and partners should heed: Shut up and listen to your subordinates for once.

Last up is Jay Carreno:

Jay Carreno joins KPMG’s Business Tax Services (BTS) practice as a managing director based in Miami. He joins from EY’s global tax compliance and reporting organization, where he developed deep experience in federal tax matters.

Jay Carreno

This is Jay-C’s second go-round at the Radio Station, having worked at the firm for more than seven years before joining EY in early 2014, according to his LinkedIn profile.

In addition, another one of the senior tax pros KPMG recently hired, Wendy Rowls, worked at EY in Chicago at one time. She joined KPMG’s Business Tax Services practice’s ASC 740 Center of Excellence as a managing director in the New York office.

It also looks like KPMG recently hired a couple of tax pros from another Big 4 firm, possibly its biggest rival through the years as far as poaching goes. More on that later this week.

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