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Accounting News Roundup: KPMG’s Run of Good Legal Luck Continues; Accountant on a Boat; Grover Norquist Selfie | 07.30.14

2 KPMG Units Dodge Madoff Investor Suits [Law 360 (Sub)]
All those legal expenses are worth it! "A New York state judge has dismissed allegations that auditing houses KPMG International and KPMG U.K. committed derelictions of duty while working with Madoff Securities International Ltd., ruling on Monday that investors failed to convince him New York courts had any jurisdiction over the non-U.S. entities."

An Accountant Rows Along California Coast [San Diego6]
Even on a boat, Mary Rose can't help herself: "An accountant from Arizona, who actually can work from her row boat is also an environmentalist hoping to save birds from extinction." 

GOP: Scrap IRS commissioner position [The Hill]
Replace one bureaucrat with a COMMITTEE of them: "The House Oversight Committee, ahead of a Wednesday hearing on the IRS controversy, floated 15 separate changes – including scrapping the commissioner’s position for a multi-member commission and drastically reducing the agency’s role in gauging political speech. […] Because of the agency’s growing responsibilities, the GOP report says that the job of running the IRS has grown too large for one person. Instead, the report calls for the sort of bipartisan panel that oversees a range of other regulatory bodies."

Introducing the National Soda Tax [NYT]
An optimistic op-ed: "[C]orny as it may sound, these things take time, and you have to start somewhere: The first national health care act was proposed in 1939, and the modern history of anti-tobacco legislation began in the 1960s. Both are now powerful realities."

Novelty of Bubble Wrap Never Seems to Get Old [WSJ]
Including the incessant popping under your stomping feet: "Bubble Wrap is […] like fireworks, or Roman candles. It has the wow factor—with those adorable little air bubbles, ripe for popping, it feels as if nature has been cornered for the amusement of humanity—without any fear that you're going to blow your thumb off."

"Grover and Wanda" sounds like it should be on Sesame Street:



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